How to Do Feng Shui

Feng Shui Secrets That Will Change Your Life

By arranging objects a certain way in your home, you can create a path that will bring positive energy flow into your life. To use Feng Shui successfully in your life, you should know that there are five parts that are used for Chi and that the success is found by placing items from each of these parts in the right direction.

Each of the five parts should be represented in a balance in order to bring harmony into your life. These five parts are all connected within a cycle, where each one is related to the other.

The first part is fire and it signifies warmth and the things that bring you happiness. It also invokes passion and humor. To use this part of the Chi successfully in your life, you would associate it with objects that are symbols of warmth, such as candles. When choosing shapes look for items that are in a triangle shape. Colors should be in soft red hues. Place these items in the southern direction.

The second part of the Chi is wood and the wood symbolizes enthusiasm and creativity. Add this part of the Chi to your home by using furniture and other items that are wooden. Choose items for your d├ęcor that reflect the natural color green. Select pictures of nature for the walls. The direction these are placed in should be the east and southeast.

Earth is the third part, and this Chi shows the positive energy of wisdom and patience. You want to use earth tones when decorating in this area. Earth tones can be added by using ceramic pottery placed in the direction of the southwest and northeast.

The fourth part of how to do Feng Shui for your life is through the use of metal. The Chi that metal represents is found in independence and communication. Use metal by placing items such as wall art or candleholders made of metal in your living spaces. Direction used for these objects should west and northwest.

Water is the final part of the Chi and it symbolizes who you are inside. Using water Chi creates energy for the social you. It can bring soothing results, such as peace and calmness. Objects used to represent water Chi should include fish tanks, mirrors and photos of water.

This part of Feng Shui is known as the art of placement, and using these five elements can create a positive energy in your life. Done correctly, you can experience an energy that flows and produces the good happenings that you want to take place.

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