Feng Shui in the Home

Feng Shui Secrets That Will Change Your Life

The philosophy of Feng Shui can be used to lead to improvements throughout your home. You can gain improvements in your sleep, your feelings, your money, your relationships and more.

Using Feng Shui will help you be more relaxed, feel healthier and have a fresh start by creating a balance. Feng Shui can also help you decide what you want out of life and how to get it.

To start, you should know that every home has energy and that energy is impacted by the items, including the quantity of items that you have in your home. Start by deciding what it is that you want to happen in your life within your home.

Do you wish that you were more organized? If you’ve previously always been disorganized, you need to change that negative energy caused by the disorganization (and disorganization often goes hand in hand with clutter) by lighting candles. Candles help rid a room of negative energy.

The energy begins the moment you walk up the walkway toward your home. A narrow, cluttered pathway depletes positive energy while allowing negative energy. Your front door is the opening for Chi and every time a person comes in through your front door, they bring energy with them.

You don’t want there to be a visual line between your front door and your back door, because just as energy arrives through the front door, it also exits through the door. You want the energy to flow within your home and stay.

If you stand just inside your front door and can see the back door, you should place something (according to Feng Shui directions) in the pathway so that it blocks the back door.

An entranceway that holds the clutter of shoes or coats can create an abrupt halt to energy. You want your entranceway to be clear. If you have narrow or dark hallways, hang a mirror to bring in light and increase the flow of energy.

The bathrooms of your home are often very difficult rooms for Chi energy. Bathrooms are often heavy with moisture and tend to be smaller rooms, which can interfere with the flow of energy.

To combat this, use live plants in your bathroom so that the atmosphere is filled with life. Plants also help keep the moisture level of a bathroom down, which can help fight back against house problems caused by too much moisture in a room.

Each room of your home has a Chi direction, which will impact how the energy flows. The directions are center, east, southeast, south, west, southwest, northwest, north and northeast.

Using a Feng Shui guide, find the direction your bathroom is in and let that be your guide to knowing how to decorate it. Knowing how to decorate and position the items in each room of your home will help you lock in on the benefits that using Feng Shui have for you.

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