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Wealth can have different meanings. It can be found in the richness of what you have in your life such as health and relationships. But for most people, wealth is defined by the amount of money they have.

Do you know where the money is in your home? It’s found in a direction within your home. The philosophy of Feng Shui helps you improve the areas of your living space that can cause the energy promoting wealth to flow away from you.

Wealth is found by paying attention to what’s going on with the Feng Shui in the rooms located in the money area of your home identified by the Bagua. This is the area that falls under the category of the Chi energy that’s under metal.

Each of the elements is connected – like the rotation of hands on a clock is with time. This energy continues to move and as it moves, it gets depleted and must be restored. If the energy is depleted because a room doesn’t utilize Feng Shui, this has to be corrected in order for the energy to return positively.

If you want to attract wealth using Feng Shui, then you need to make sure that the metal element is used like it should be. The colors associated with this element are whites and greys and the shapes for metal objects used in d├ęcor should focus on items that have rounded edges.

You can easily pinpoint the metal elements in the Bagua money area of your home by seeing what it is in the room. Do you have items of brass or iron? What kinds of leaves are on the plants located there? You want to use plants with only round leaves.

Remember that each of the elements connect, so you want to make sure the room has a balance among all five. Check the money area of your home to make sure that all of these elements are present and that one does not overpower the next.

To use all five elements in a room, take an object from each of the five elements. If you have something that’s made of wood, candles, plants that have round leaves, colors with a brown base, metal such as Chinese coins and mirrors, use these.

You’ll also want to have a small aquarium. If add these elements, then you’ve covered all your bases and will have freed the Chi energy to enhance the wealth in your life. You’ll want to make sure that you check the area of your home associated with wealth and keep it in good order so that you don’t disrupt the energy.

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